Find out what kind of civilisations humans will build to Mars and get a personality analysis

When humans start colonising other planets, new kind of societies form. There are many drivers that will affect the structure of these societies and one major component is the personality of people doing space exploration. This is an academic study to determine what kind of people will in fact eventually conquer space and other planets.

We hope to use this information to have more concrete understanding about these future socities. One plan is, after publishing the scientific results, to write a sci-fi novel that uses this understanding as a back story.

Regardless if you are going or not, we ask you take a part in a survey that a) measures your personality with a set of questions and then b) measures your willingness to travel to space.

At the end of the test you will get a detailed personality report using the best scientific understanding with more details about the used personality models.
  • Some tips for taking the test
  • Answer the questions when you are in normal, neutral, relaxed state of mind.
  • Don’t be hungry. If you are, please grab some snack and fill the questionnaire after eating.
  • Reserve the time for answering the questions. Interruptions are not good.
A 5 minute test will give you a tentative, shorter personality analysis.
Half an hour test will give you an extensive personality analysis.